Samadrishti, Kshamata Vikas Evam Anusandhan Mandal (SAKSHAM) is a charitable national organization registered at Nagpur under registration number MAH/654/2008(N). The organization has its head office in Nagpur, Maharashtra. SAKSHAM was established with an aim to bring all the persons with various disabilities in the main stream of our nation. SAKSHAM believes that the disabled people are not burden on the society but assets of the nation. Though presently dedicated to the service of visually impaired, SAKSHAM has its commitment towards all the persons
with various disabilities and also to environment, health and other social activities to strengthen the society. Presently SAKSHAM is running following projects for INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF THE DISABLED.

MADHAV EYE BANK:- SAKSHAM not only propagates the importance and divinity of Eye Donation, but also manages the donation of corneas through eye banking and grafting thereof to give sight. With its pledge to establish at least 100 ‘Madhav Eye Banks’ the organization so far could establish 12 licensed eye banks in various parts of the country including the states of Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. (Licensed eye banks =14, Eye collection Centres = 12, Awareness Centres = 24 ) By the end of year 2010 the chain of eye banks collected around 2500 cornea giving benefit to more than 800 corneal blind by sight restoration and many with the use of the cornea for therapeutic purpose.

MADHAV AUDIO BOOKS LIBRARY:- SAKSHAM creates books in audio form through audiocassettes, CDs etc. So far over 500 books have been created with more than 15000 cassettes by SAKSHAM’s Nagpur unit. The service is provided Free Of Cost to needy blind students. The books are first created in Audio Book form with the help of voice recordings by more than 50 volunteers from various fields including housewives, retired people, professionals, teachers, students who lend their voice to record the books either on cassettes or in the digital form in computers. The cassettes are then multiplied or the audio tracks edited and provided to needy blind students for study. We got 7000 blank audio cassettes thru “Cassette Tula” of BJP National President Hon. Nitinji Gadkari. Weight of cassettes equaling his weight. SAKSHAM runs such Audio Books Libraries at Nagpur, Kalyan, and Kolhapur in Maharashtra and Ambala in Haryana.

MADHAV BRAILLE BOOKS CREATION CENTRE:- In view of providing ‘Sanskar Sahitya’ (Literature giving the values in life) SAKSHAM’s Nagpur, Kalyan, Akola (Maharashtra) units are also creating books in Braille Script through computers. The volunteers force mainly comprising of either housewives or retired people who after a brief training of computer orientation now contributing to this service and created around 80 books in short span of three years. The books include first ever Braille Versions of some important Marathi Granthas (Large volume books) like Samarth Ramdas Swami written ‘DASBODH’, Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj written ‘GRAAMGEETA’, The famous bird watcher Shri. Maruti Chitampalli written ‘RAANVAATA’, and many other books along with books related to curriculum.

KRISHNAJVOTI AGARBATTHI NIRMAN KENDRA:- At this centre of SAKSHAM in Palakkad, Kerala, blind people are manufacturing incense sticks and soap successfully earning their living and now they are no longer depending upon the society. The demand is more than supply at present and therefore there is need to raise the production capacity.

BLIND WOMEN HOSTEL:- In Kaladi, Kerala SAKSHAM is running a hostel for visually challenged women where blind student girls and other blind women are housed with a facility of good food and honorable living.

SWARADRISHTI:- A musical group in Nagpur comprising of visually challenged, physically handicapped as well as normal artists is actively presenting musical programme to earn ‘Maandhan’ (Money of honor) that is distributed amongst blind and orthopedically challenged artists.

SURDAS BHAIAN MANDALI- SAKSHAM’s Palakkad, Kerala unit has many groups of music loving visually challenged people who present regular music programs of devotional songs and earn their living.

LEGAL ADVISE CELL:- The physically challenged people face many problems when they attempt to seek job or facilities they deserve as their legal rights. The apathy and ignorance of the society is the responsible factor for this. Counseling of such sufferers is undertaken with proper guidance under this Legal Advise Cell at Nagpur.

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