Seva Project for blind sisters

One of our Seva Project for blind sisters Inaugurated today by Poojya Swamini Sivanandapuri,Adwaithashram Kolathur Kozhikode in a rented house near to our permanent Project Place at Pantheerankavu Kozhikode,and given a speech in Inauguration Meeting. Our N.Gopakumarji, Subhashji,attended. Dr.Atmadevji, K.Raveendranji, Bhaskaranji( our Trust Chairman) also very active in the function. Now only one Blind Sister from Wayand in our seva Kendram, the other three will be reach in coming week.We arranged two salaried servant, and formed a Managing committee. Eventhough Heavy rain there are 150 anubhavies out of them 70% Sisters and mothers,attended in the function. Due to ear balancing problem our Mohanji can’t attend the function. He is the Soul of our Organization.Last two weeks he is very active in our Project work. There are 30 Divyang Brothers also attended our function.