DHEEMAHI is a project of SAKSHAM that caters to the intellectually challenged individuals.

Dheemahi - Madurai was formed on Oct 2019, with the objective of evolving appropriate measures for the benefit of Autistic and other intellectually challenged individuals (adults) with particular focus on training them in a suitable vocation and also providing them with a residential facility. Team Dheemahi-Madurai has special parents, professionals, life time workers of other organizations and college students as its volunteers.

For this noble cause, SAKSHAM has received 1 Acre and 2 cents of land near the proposed site for AIIMS, Thoppur, Madurai.

We are functioning in a hall taken for lease for day scholars alone. This centre was inaugurated on 22nd August 2020.


Proposed Project

DHEEMAHI Madurai will develop to provide high quality training and therapeutic intervention to children in the spectrum of autism in a state-of-the-art setting. It will function as an academic setting for development in special education and will serve as a model in using best practices in the art and science of teaching and enabling students with Autism.

DHEEMAHI Madurai, will engage in practices of training, curriculum development, vocational development, research and educational experimentation for the purpose of developing best practices in special education and as a voice speaking for improvement and empowerment of these children.

This is a 3-phased project that will serve a one stop solution to the uncertainties that surround the life of autistic young adults of age 14 years+ and and their parents.

Phase 1 - Pre-vocational skill development training programme along with vocational training. This is an innovative and holistic method / approach where we have integrated various therapies as a part of pre-vocational and vocational training.

Phase 2 - B.Ed college, with an inclusive school for all ages to produce dedicated, creative special educators and therapists.

Phase 3 - Research Centre with a focus on studying the impact of yoga, Ayurveda and other native medicines and food on special children.


Project Status & Timeline

On 27 th January 2021, we had initiated construction of a 4000 sq.ft. building as part of Phase 1. We envisage to complete this phase by September’21.

The overall budget for this phase is estimated at an approximate amount of rupees 1 crore and it comprises of the following costs.

Cost of Construction

Construction of residential block
Remodelling of existing shed for Kitchen use

Cost of Staffing

Staff for residential block
Staff for therapy and educational needs
One-off / Periodic visits by specialists

Cost of Procurement for equipment and educational items including transportation costs

Adaptive devices/Curriculum items
Modified furniture
Semi Mechanised Open-air gym
Computers w/ modified keyboards


Project Funding

The project is currently progressing with the help of generous donors, volunteers and special parents.

We appeal to you with an opportunity to help create a future for the austic youth and adults.

Note: Cash contributions to Saksham are approved under FCRA to receive funds from overseas and are also exempt from Income Tax under Section 80(G)

We solicit your valuable support to our noble endeavour morally and financially!


You can send Donations to

Bank Name: Canara bank
Account Name: Saksham
A/C Type: Savings
A/C No: 1346101048721
IFSC Code : CNRB0001346
Branch : Thirunagar, Madurai
MICR Code: 625015011

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Project Location

The project location and address for communication is given below:

Sivanandha sevashram campus,
12/7, Austinpatti road, Thoppur,
Madurai, india
Pincode - 625008.
Google maps link - https://goo.gl/maps/nNYTswpVVBny8a5CA

Project Contact:

Name Role Mobile number
Shri Govindarajan President +91 6374048342
Smt C Meena Secretary +91 9843860900
Smt Kavitha Treasurer +91 7502528231